15 September 2011

Karen Walker SS 2012

(source: Style.com)

I keep looking through this collection over and over - it is SO good!! Kiwi pride :-)

13 September 2011

Bitter Sweet Memories

 A few week late - This is Juliette Hogan's AW 11/12 collection "Bitter Sweet Memories". This collection was a sure favorite of the collections at NZFW and I can imagine wearing these feminine with a touch of "tough" outfits, over and over for a long time.
- L x

05 September 2011

The September Issue

(source: Fashion gone Rogue)

From the september issue of Nylon Magazine.
-L x

30 August 2011


I'm studying Materia Medica as part of my naturopathy degree. I really enjoy learning about the different constituents of the various herbs and have been experimenting with them by making tea. My favorite is: Equal parts rosemary, lemonbalm and skullcap - I keep a decent amount of this combo in a jar and use about a teaspoon per cup.

Both lemon balm and skullcap have a relaxing effect on the nervous system and are therefore good as sleep-aids and also as anxyolitics (for nervous conditions such as anxiety). Rosemary on the other hand, is energizing and beneficial for cognitive function. The overall effect of this tea combo is a relaxed yet alert and energized state - I love it, and find it's the perfect mood to be in for study.
-L x

29 August 2011

Lanvin's Fall 2011 campaign

The new Lanvin campaign video - It's wonderful and unexpected! and even Alber Elbaz features in it along with Karen Elson, Rachel Zimmerman, Lowell Tautchin and Milo Spijkers - LOVE
- L x

18 August 2011

Style Icon: Bianca Jagger

(sources: tfs; fashions most wanted)

Ah, my favorite 70's girl - Makes me love suits just that much more
- L

16 August 2011

To Be Adored

I love everything by TBA! Such dreamy pieces