23 February 2011

Art and Science

I'm adding a new dimension to the blog. As well as sartorialism, my other great passion is natural health and alternative medicine - and I beginning a new journey of study towards becoming a naturopath... and shall be sharing some of what I learn and discover.

To me fashion is art. It is the medium through which I express myself creatively and it plays an important role in my identity and well-being. Do we not feel great when we look good? We also look good when we feel great - and naturopathy is all about enabling your body to heal itself and to be in the most healthy state it can be by aiding it with nutrition and supplementation as well as other natural remedies... Let the journey commence!

20 February 2011

Clemence At Mulberry

Clemence Posey looked great at Mulberry :)

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18 February 2011

NYFW F/W 11.12 - Proenza Schouler

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NYFW F/W 11.12 - Marc Jacobs pt. 2

Love it all... warrents 2 posts... such great colours and cuts AND the menswear.... :)

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NYFW F/W 11.12 - Marc Jacobs pt. 1

A fashion week fave! Must post more pics :-)

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12 February 2011

Fashion Week Beauties

Alexa, Charlotte, Sean and Erin....

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Mania Mania Rêve 2011

Abbey Lee Kershaw for Mania Mania Rêve 2011

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NYFW F/W 11.12 - Rag & Bone

One word.. LOVE!

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