20 November 2010

Philip Van De Roq

How perfect is this jewellery?

Philip Van De Roq is refining established techniques - bringing a contemporary attitude to traditional crafts in this 2010 collection of modern treasures.

Imagine mixing the influences of: industrial hardware, military forms, antique ornaments and throwing in: sterling silver, soft natural buffalo leather and modern materials, such as silver clay and paper clay. Then you might be close to visualising the unique pieces of Philip Van De Roq.

The utilisation of modern methods and materials alongside new production techniques such as leather smocking is synonymous to Philip van de Roq. This larger scale handmade jewellery, and the reference to precious medieval artefacts is suited for the audacious and confident wearer.

Multi-skilled designer, Pernilla Philip, who’s been previously active in furniture, industrial and fashion design, has now turned her talents to designing jewellery and accessories. Philip Van De Roq is her latest incarnation and creative outlet.

The brand was created between Amsterdam and Stockholm in 2010, and is a collaboration between Philip and respected Art Director and Stylist Decida from www.2faced1.com. With a background as a Stylist / Art Director and Pop Culture Connoisseur, she brings a unique blend of ideologies and structure to the table, adding an interesting twists to the core of the brand.

Source: www.philipvanderoq.com

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